MHA at Duquesne - Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the MHA Program at Duquesne University is to provide early and mid-career professionals with the necessary skills to grow as successful and socially responsible leaders in regional, national, and global healthcare systems.

We deliver foundational didactic and experiential learning through instruction by highly qualified faculty engaged in scholarship and practice, professional development training, and capstone experiences.

Our program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and values necessary for our professionals to thrive in leadership and administrative positions in healthcare, including data analytics, population health and compliance.


Duquesne University MHA program seeks to be the premier graduate health administration program developing innovative, transformational, and ethically guided leaders regionally, nationally, and globally.


Leadership: We prepare innovators by developing and practicing leadership skills and serving as role models. We learn to listen as well as learn to be empathetic to the needs of those around us.

Pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and outreach: We commit to the pursuit of excellence in teaching research and outreach to achieve outcomes that exceed expectations. We are also committed to advancing knowledge through research.

Profound moral and ethical respect to all we serve: We are committed to ethical conduct, caring, empathy, support, and a positive attitude in serving those around us. Patient- centeredness is emphasized in all courses and internships that are healthcare systems/healthcare practice focused.

Integrity and respect for diversity: We advocate for ethical conduct, as well as equity and inclusion. We embrace the differences of those around us, including our colleagues, students, and communities we work with.

Innovation & creativity: We are committed to fostering innovation and creativity as drivers of change locally, nationally and globally.

Accessibility: We recognize the need for information delivery in multiple formats to meet the needs of diverse student populations.

Community engagement and service: We recognize the importance of engagement in our learning, research, and practice delivery. We are committed to service activities to contribute to the development of local and global communities.