Program Statistics

In today's highly competitive job market, it is our duty to ensure that the MHA program equips students with skills and competencies to obtain jobs while in the program or immediately after graduation.

The MHA program at Duquesne is proud of our students' success. All of our 2020-2021 graduates have been offered positions prior and immediately after their graduation and achieved 100% job placement rates, as reported by our survey of graduates. They are employed locally and nationally by healthcare organizations including Highmark.

"The MHA program at Duquesne provided me with exciting career opportunities during the program
and upon completion of the program!"         

-Justin Wehring, MHA Graduate (2021), employed by the Pittsburgh office of the CDC/NIOSH through a consulting company


Program Statistics 2021
Employment Rate 100%
Median Salary $62,500 (range $43,680 - $94,900)
Attrition Rate 11%
Employed 90 days after graduation 100%