Degree Offerings

The Department of Occupational Therapy has a variety of programs to meet our students' needs. Our accredited Occupational Therapy (OT) programs give you the necessary knowledge and skills to make an impact in a variety of patient and client settings.

Duquesne University is primarily a freshman-entry program and the majority of our students begin our entry-level MS and OTD programs as freshmen. Entry into post-baccalaureate MS or OTD programs is dependent on space availability.

I'm A Freshmen

I'm A Transfer Student

I Have A Bachelor's degree

Regardless of the route of entry, our programs educate students to be excellent, holistic, practice-scholars who serve, do, question and lead. Our department mission is consistent with the Spiritan mission of the University.

Our Program is Designed To:

Give you a choice. We are the only program in Western Pennsylvania that is dually-accredited to award the entry-level Master's (MSOT) and entry-level doctorate (OTD) degree.  All of our students have the CHOICE of completing the MS degree or the OTD track.

Enhance your skills. Our students complete ~80-100 hours of Community Engaged Learning- this means that our students apply their OT skills in settings that don't typically have an OT on staff such as community organizations that serve veterans, homeless youth and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and more!

Learn in Practice from the Experts. Our School has over 1,000 affiliated sites that can be used for fieldwork learning. These include nationally recognized settings inside and outside the Pittsburgh area... such as Kessler Institute for Rehab, Sheppard Pratt Health System, Nemours Children's Hospital and many more!

Mentor you. We have 11 dedicated full-time faculty members with various expertise in areas of pediatrics, acute care, gerontology and emerging practice settings such as the criminal justice system who will provide you with mentorship from your first semester.

Cost of Attendance