Cost of Attendance

Approved Fiscal Year 2021-2022

Tuition for the Occupational Therapy Program

The table below identifies tuition rates associated with obtaining an MS or OTD degree entering as a Freshman


CostDurationTotal Cost
Undergraduate (Years 1-4) $50,164 4 years $200,656
Undergraduate (3rd Yr. Summer) $1,482/credit 9 Credits $13,338
Graduate (4th Yr. Summer- MS Graduation) $1,615/credit 30 Credits $48,450
OTD (Optional 6th Year) $1,211/credit 31 Credits $37,541
Books/Supplies* $1400

MS-5 years

OTD-6 years



Program Fees
(Exxat Approve software and background clearances)**



Loan Fees $850/year

MS-5 years

OTD-6 years



Distance Ed Fees 0 0 0
MS Degree Total $273,794
OTD Degree Total


*Books/Supplies and Program/Loan fees are estimates and are subject to change. The Program uses several textbooks in multiple
courses and students may choose to rent or borrow books to reduce costs.

**Additional Costs for titers and immunizations will vary based upon insurance coverage.

Students may incur additional expenses related to fieldwork depending on their site. These expenses could include apparel, housing and transportation.

Please refer to the Tuition and Fees Schedule for a complete list of 2021-2022 academic year costs. Tuition is reviewed and adjusted each year by the University.

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