Curriculum Goals

1.  Applied Evidence Based Practice

Graduates will search, review, analyze, synthesize and apply knowledge to inform best practice in occupational therapy and education.

2.   Outcomes Measurement

Graduates will design and implement an evaluation plan using valid and reliable outcome measures to evaluate the effectiveness of a program, intervention or educational process.

3.  Critical Analysis of Practice

Graduates will critically evaluate and apply theory to articulate and improve occupational therapy interventions.

4.  Policy Analysis and Advocacy

Graduates will articulate issues of justice, and design and implement action plans that include an advocacy role to address health policies, health disparities, or health and quality of life of individuals or populations.

5.  Teaching, Learning and Educational Technology

Graduates will apply learning theory to create, deliver and evaluate instructional units for professional education, clients and/or their families, selected populations, or the public and demonstrate the capacity to teach with technology in face- to-face and online environments.

6.  Program Development, Evaluation and Grant Writing

Graduates will design, implement and evaluate occupation-based programs that address important and contemporary consumer needs and design professional, compelling grant proposals.

7.  Leadership

Graduates will be prepared to assume leadership roles in their community and profession at local, national and international levels.

8.  Professional Writing

Graduates will actively contribute discourses in occupational therapy and broader health venues by preparing and disseminating their scholarship in community, professional and/or interdisciplinary settings.