Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD)

BS/OTD Program

MSOT students that enter as a freshmen, or transfer during the pre-professional phase are provided the opportunity to continue into the OTD program. Students declare their intent during the Fall semester of their 4th year. The OTD curriculum initiates in the spring semester of their 5th year and encompasses 3 semesters. The OTD curriculum is currently 11 months of coursework after the MSOT curriculum is completed. This is a full-time program. Students who pursue the OTD program do not earn a Master's Degree. OTD graduates are equipped with in-depth knowledge and skills to move beyond generalist-practice in a focused area of study and prepared to assume more diverse roles in practice. Differing from the MSOT program, the OTD curriculum includes a doctoral capstone experience and project, which allows doctoral students to be mentored by an expert in the field.

Entry-level OTD curriculum