Level II Fieldwork

Level II Fieldwork is a natural continuation of our curriculum in the 5th year of the program. Its primary purpose is to provide students with the opportunities to integrate the theory and skills learned in the classroom within the clinical setting. The overall goal of Level II FW is to develop the skills, attitudes, values and professionalism that enable safe, ethical, occupation-based practice and ultimately prepare students to be competent, generalist's entry-level occupational therapist.

During level II FW, students are assigned to a minimum of two sites, on a full-time basis for a period of 12 weeks each. The Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Ms. Retta Martin, is responsible for ensuring that all fieldwork sites provide students with well-designed, educational and diverse experiences.

During Level II FW, ACOTE (2011), standard C.1.6 indicates that Initially, supervision should be direct and then decrease to less direct supervision as appropriate for the setting, the severity of the client's condition, and the ability of the student.


Level II FW Objectives & Curriculum Philosophy

Fieldwork & Doctoral Capstone Experience Manual