Fifth Year Curriculum

Fall Semester - 12 credits

PHYA 506 Clinical Seminar III - 3 cr.
PHYA 529 Clinical Externship I (Emergency Medicine) - 3 cr.
PHYA 530 Clinical Externship II (Behavioral Health) - 3 cr.
PHYA 531 Clinical Externship III (General Surgery) - 3 cr.

Spring Semester - 9 credits

PHYA 513 Essentials in Clinical Practice - 0 cr
PHYA 532 Clinical Externship IV (Pediatric) - 3 cr.
PHYA 533 Clinical Externship V (Primary Care - Family Medicine) - 3 cr.
PHYA 534 Clinical Externship VI (Primary Care - Internal Medicine I) - 3 cr.

Summer Semester - 9 credits

PHYA 535 Clinical Externship VII (Primary Care - Internal Medicine II Specialty/Women's Health) - 3 cr.
PHYA 536 Clinical Externship VIII (Elective) - 3 cr.
PHYA 540W Master's Independent Research / Study - 3 cr.

All students are assigned the above 8 clinical rotations. The order in which the student completes each rotations may vary.

For those students who do not choose to complete a full women's health rotation as their elective or internal medicine specialty, each student must complete a 1 to 2 week women's health experience to satisfy the clinical requirements.

Students are not required to provide their own clinical sites or preceptors. The Duquesne University Physician Assistant Program takes full responsibility for site development and maintenance . Students do have the option of recommending new sites for elective rotations and may provide additional leads to the Clinical Coordinator. The Program takes full responsibility for the coordination of clinical sites and preceptors for all rotations.