Duquesne's Educational Model

Duquesne's Speech-Language Pathology program is one-of-a-kind when it comes to the special relationship between clinic and classroom instruction.  Uniquely, the academic faculty and clinic faculty are one and the same; the faculty teaching students in the classroom also teach in the clinic and visa-versa.  We believe this unified educational model helps students form the bridge between the information presented in the classroom and its application to real communication problems in the clinic and contributes to a better graduate education.  Students work closely with faculty throughout the various stages of the program.

Student  Independence and Accountability

The program's learning environment  inspires student  independence and accountability, modeled by faculty and staff alike.  Because the faculty teach in the classroom and the clinic, communication between the two aspects of the program, and between faculty and students, flows easily. Students are able to seek assistance from faculty members regarding the curriculum and clinic-based questions, and faculty are more than willing to help students with any questions or concerns.

Having the University Clinic on site and faculty members conversant in both academics and clinical applications, creates an ideal learning environment that is beneficial to students in many ways.


Our Educational Model

The Clinical Education Program