Students are placed at three sites in the greater Pittsburgh area to gain in-depth, real world clinical experiences, working side-by-side with speech-language providers in the community.  These clinical experiences enable students to develop a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities placed on speech pathologists in a variety of work settings.  Students typically are on-site at the community-based placement four full days per week during the fall and spring semesters, and three days per week summer semester.  The academic course load is reduced during the fifth year to accommodate these intensive clinical learning experiences.

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In addition to gaining more clinical experience, students form a clearer picture of potential work sites for their first job.  Placements usually consist of a student teaching experience, an adult medical placement, and a third placement in which the student may explore a work site of clinical population in greater depth.

Brookline Elementary School
Pittsburgh Public Schools

We are fortunate that Pittsburgh affords such a great wealth and diversity of externship experiences.  The Department has worked hard to establish relationships with over 250 affiliated provider programs committed to the clinical education of the next generation of professionals.


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