NSSHLA Activites


NSSLHA members participate in many different fundraising events throughout the year.  Some of the events include Sarris Candy, Joe Corbi Cookie Dough, iPod Shuffle Raffle, and NSSLHA Clothing sales.

Another fundraising event we participate in is "NSSLHA Loves."  NSSLHA Loves is an annual community service activity which promotes fundraising among NSSLHA members in support of national organizations that work with people living with communication disorders. One hundred percent of the donations raised by our members go to the recipient organization.

Social Events

Throughout the academic year, NSSLHA hosts several social events for its members including picnics and holiday parties.  These events are a great time for members to get to know each other and other faculty members and



Throughout the academic year, NSSLHA members are involved in various service projects throughout the community.  These projects include volunteering at the Apraxia Walk, Noogie Fest, all service projects help raise awareness and provide support for field related issues. 


NSSLHA members also attend multiple Speech-Language Pathology educational workshops and events.