Outreach & Research Facilities

The John G. Rangos, Sr. School of Health Sciences occupies space in the School of Health Sciences Building, as well as Libermann Hall and Fisher Hall.

The School of Health Sciences building provides faculty and staff offices and teaching and research laboratories. The fourth floor includes the Anatomy Research and Teaching Laboratory, and Multimedia Room.

Fisher Hall

Fisher Hall houses the departmental offices and primary clinical laboratories for the Departments of Health Management Systems and Speech-Language Pathology.

This includes a Speech Clinic with special programs in: adult aphasia, pediatric language disorders, pediatric multi-handicapped populations, pediatric and adult stuttering, aural rehabilitation, central auditory processing, phonological disorders, voice disorders, cognitive communicative disorders, and language learning disabilities. Students and faculty work together as part of the educational process to provide clinical services to clients with these speech abnormalities.

Rangos Laboratories located in Fisher Hall