Human Anatomy Dissection Lab

Human Anatomy Dissection Laboratory - 402 Health Sciences Building

The Human Anatomy Dissection Laboratory supports student learning by providing cadaver dissection for students preparing for careers in the Health Sciences. Students are guided through dissection of the major regions and systems of the body in an effort to gain intimate knowledge of human anatomy that may be applied to their respective discipline of study. Thanks to the generosity of human donors that commit their bodies to science, students perform their own dissections at one of 16 independent dissection stations. The lab is equipped with state of the art technology that features 8 60" high definition monitors that can project computer generated, detailed images or provide live, streaming video from a mobile video device that captures the details of the professor's instructions. There is a separate, adjoining room to the anatomy lab that has been converted into a virtual anatomy lab. The lab contains 5 computer stations that is equipped with z-space technology. The z-space lab utilizes advanced 3D technology to provide students with interactive experiences with highly detailed anatomical models. This new lab offers a unique opportunity for students to interact with technology in an effort to enhance their knowledge of human anatomy. The lab facilities and technology allow the students to immerse themselves in the study of human anatomy with the aid of technology and human donations.