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Dear Friends,

Despite these challenging times, our law school community thrives because we are part of our distinctly Duquesne community. I can tell you that I feel more strongly than ever about our bright future.

We continue to focus on our critical priorities such as welcoming a new class, bar passage, and employment opportunities. Our prestigious body of evening graduates work with us closely to let everyone know that a law school education can be in anyone's future through our part-time evening program - the only one of its kind in the region.

We are stretching ourselves to achieve a shared vision. Together we have identified three vision pillars: developing collaborative learning opportunities, teaching principles of leadership, and promoting community well-being. It is clear these vision pillars resonate deeply with our Duquesne Law community; in fact, every person with whom I have spoken has expressed a connection to at least one of the pillars and offered insight and support in their own unique way.

Collaborative Learning emphasizes our need to educate lawyers with skills beyond the courtroom; we must equip today's lawyers for the practice of law in this rapidly changing landscape by integrating critical modern skills such as financial literacy, business acumen, along with a sophistication and command of emerging technology trends that are transforming our society and global economy.

Teaching Principles of Leadership emphasizes creating a culture that instills a leadership mindset so that our graduates are prepared to ethically lead governments, enterprises, and organizations to make a positive impact in the world around us.

Finally, Community Well-Being places inclusion and belonging as fundamental imperatives, while ensuring that we are modeling respectful discourse, and emphasizing healthy living and resilience.

To those of you already a part of our Law School family, I thank you for your dedication and continued commitment to Duquesne University School of Law. To prospective students, I want to welcome you to prepare for your future with our outstanding faculty, staff, alumni and community. If you have any questions about how we can help, I am always available at lawdean@duq.edu.

Be well,

April Mara Barton
Dean and Professor of Law

Who We Are

If the standard of a law school's greatness is the caliber of its students, the success of its graduates and the dedication of its faculty, then there is no doubt that the Duquesne University School of Law stands among the nation's best.

At Duquesne, we seek the best and brightest students to join our community of scholars, and we prepare them for success every step of the way. You cannot get lost here. The deans and professors will know you from the day you walk in the front door, and you will know them. 

Our alumni have achieved top leadership positions in government and in business, and have excelled in private practice. We are proud of the number of graduates who have attained judicial office in Pennsylvania, New York, California and many other states. 

Finally, there is one factor that distinguishes our law school, and that, quite simply, is the fact that we are part of Duquesne University, a Catholic institution dedicated to moral, ethical and spiritual values. In an era when ethical concerns are among the most important questions facing the legal profession, Duquesne University's School of Law reflects the University's unique emphasis on justice and service to others.

This unequaled combination of attributes, along with the convenience of Full-Time Day, Part-Time Day and Evening programs, and our unparalleled location in downtown Pittsburgh within walking distance to the courts, technology corridor, government agencies and corporate leaders make Duquesne University School of Law a leader in legal education.

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