Duquesne University School of Law is housed in the Edward J. Hanley Hall and the Dr. John E. Murray Jr. Pavilion at the heart of the University's hilltop campus. The combined structures occupy nearly 125,000 square feet and constitute the hub of a law student's experience.

Administrative and faculty offices, classrooms of various sizes, two mock courtrooms, study areas, and the multilevel Duquesne Center for Legal Information law library are all under one roof, along with a coffee shop, lounge area, locker area, and offices for student organizations.

The School of Law's new Tribone Center for Clinical Legal Education is located on Fifth Avenue, adjacent to campus. The facilities here include a mock courtroom and state-of-the-art computer and audio/video technology for teaching, research, and administration.

Law students also have access to all of the other amenities on Duquesne's 50-acre campus, including computer laboratories, dining services, Starbucks, the Gumberg Library, the Barnes & Noble bookstore, and extensive recreational facilities in the Power Center and throughout the campus.