Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University is centered in the heart of Pittsburgh, the second largest city in Pennsylvania. Within this big city, our campus is quiet, tree lined, and safe. Law students embrace these surroundings and our community, knowing one another and faculty.

Our Pittsburgh oasis is a short three block walk to downtown and the many opportunities it holds. In fact, Livability.com included it as one of its Top 10 Downtowns in the United States, and Realtor.com named it as a Top 10 City Where Downtown is Making a Comeback.

Pittsburgh's metropolitan area was ranked number one by CNBC in its "Top 10 Cities for Young People." Why? Wage growth, millennial unemployment rate, safety, prospects and fun.

Abundant Prospects

Internationally recognized as one of America's most livable cities, Pittsburgh is home to law firms, judicial offices, businesses and government entities that serve as rich internships, externships and clerkships for our students. It is also recognized by Trulia and LinkedIn as one of the United States' most grad friendly markets.

Those are not the only acknowledgements Pittsburgh receives. This former steel town's transformation into a business, educational, and technical hub led to its identification by Business Insider as one of America's "15 Hottest Cities" and was named in 2021 as one of the top 25 cities in the United States where it is the "Best Place to Start a Career" by WalletHub.

Play in Pittsburgh

While Pittsburgh is well distinguished for its work opportunities, it is notably a place to center and play. National Geographic recognized Pittsburgh as one of America's best cities for the interesting facets it holds outside of studies and work. Pittsburgh's abundance in "happiness metrics" including green spaces, galleries, coffee shops, breweries, music venues, and ‘Instagrammable' moments made this recognition possible. Speaking of picturesque and fun, Pittsburgh is also trending. It was named the "Hippest City In Pennsylvania."

Pittsburgh is home to professional athletic teams with big followings and big hearts-the PPG Center, where the Pittsburgh Penguins play, is next to campus. Art and culture reign as well. Theatres, museums, exhibits, festivals-there is always something enriching to explore, and enlightening activities enjoy.

A Career Launching Point

Success in Pittsburgh is possible during your academic career and after commencement. In 2021, Porch, a home services firm, conducted research on housing data and found Pittsburgh is the best place to move after college.

In 2020, LinkedIn's Economic Graph team ranked Pittsburgh as the seventh best city in the United States to launch a career.

And maybe you are looking to travel internationally for work or play? Pittsburgh International Airport is only a 30-minute ride from campus.

Visit us to see for yourself the reasons why Pittsburgh keeps being recognized internationally for its growth and potential-and see why our perfectly positioned Pittsburgh campus can take you there.