Students and faculty outside Hanley Hall


Our Spiritan mission is part of all we do at Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University. We bear truth to the commitment we were founded upon-to serve God by serving our students. We remain dedicated to cultivating students who will carry into the world a mind, spirit, and heart steadfast in furthering justice and good of our society.

We take our mission and duty to our students seriously. As the world changes and grows we evolve, too, without ever losing sight of our core principles. Our Vision Pillars were not developed to replace our mission. Rather, they are based on our mission, are forward looking, and complement it. They ensure our students remain at the forefront of all we do, receiving a legal education rooted in proficiency, ethics, modern skills, and equality. It was upon those expectations we built our vision for our program and for our students:

Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Learning- The ever-changing world we live in requires skillsets and knowledge that reach beyond the practice of law. That, coupled with reality that the profession of law is comprehensive, drives us to equip our lawyers with the skillsets they need in areas they may want to pursue. We now offer curricular opportunities for students to learn fundamental business skills, including financial acumen and accounting, to prepare our graduates for modern law practice.

Teaching Principles of Leadership- Law is critically important for our society. The legal profession shapes societies, forms governments, and is the bedrock of justice and rule of law. Possessing a degree in law unlocks doors and opportunities with endless career possibilities-government, public sector, or private entities just to name a few. But the post is not as important as the integrity and mindset you bring to your work. Leadership development expands character and places within our students a deep desire to serve others, pursue justice, and demonstrate honor in any role they choose.

Community Well-Being- Understanding diversity and embracing inclusiveness enables our students to be well-rounded champions of justice who honor the human dignity of others. There will always be differences in opinions, but our lawyers are taught to model graceful discourse and dissent. We likewise coach our students on a fundamental awareness of their own well-being and resilience. By simulating these behaviors to our students, our goal is that they remain mindful lawyers who prioritize their own health and welfare of others.

If you are interested in becoming a lawyer whose passion is to enrich the world through the practice of law, we invite you to learn more and apply today.