There is a hard work ethic that is woven into the fabric of who we are and our identity at Duquesne Law. We are known for our resilience, grit, and determination. We are committed to educating students who develop their self-awareness, cultural awareness, and global awareness as conscientious world citizens. Our profession shapes societies, forms governments, and is the bedrock of justice and rule of law. We believe there truly is no greater way to make a meaningful impact, no more powerful way to make a dent in the world around us than to be an attorney.

It takes a lot of heart to be part of a law school, so we asked our community to share with us why they love Duquesne Law. Keep up with the #WeAreDuqLaw movement by following us on social media.

Jan Levine, Director of Legal Research and Writing and Professor of Law

"I love @DuquesneLaw because our students are the hardest-working I've ever encountered. They hope to be great lawyers for their clients and also to be well-rounded persons committed to their families and friends." #WeAreDuqLaw 

Jan Levine

Cara Brack, 2L

"I love @DuquesneLaw because because every day my professors teach me how to implement Duquesne's motto - The Welfare of the People is the Highest Law." #WeAreDuqLaw

Cara Brack

Stephon Burton, 1L

"I love @DuquesneLaw because I've continuously been pushed to excel in a way I've never experienced before and the professors do whatever is possible to help make that possible." #WeAreDuqLaw

Stephon Burton

Maryann Herman, Director of Academic Excellence and Assistant Professor of Legal Skills

"I love @DuquesneLaw because our students are the best around. They are engaged and interested. They not only want to learn the law, but they are concerned about how the law affects people." #WeAreDuqLaw

Maryann Herman

Alicia Marsh, 2L

"I love @DuquesneLaw because I was given the opportunity to carry the Duquesne spirit 3,374 miles to Ireland as I studied human rights law, international arbitration, and law of the European Union." #WeAreDuqLaw

Alicia Marsh

Pablo Echeverri, Assistant Professor of Law

"I love @DuquesneLaw because my students see the humor in corporate law, which is an invaluable ability. Keep laughing as hard as you work, Dukes!" #WeAreDuqLaw

Pablo teaching

Natheena Tyler, 2L

"I love @DuquesneLaw because I change people's lives via the Civil Rights Clinic. From pardons to expungements, we are doing the work and giving back to the people of Pittsburgh in a real, legal way."

Natheena Tyler, 2L

The Honorable Judge Elliot Howsie, L'98, Judge, Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas

"I love @DuquesneLaw because without the evening program, my trajectory in life may have been dramatically altered. Duquesne Law School afforded me opportunities that I could not have envisioned as a young man from Wilkinsburg with limited exposure to the world."

Judge Elliot Howsie