PA Bar Passage Ceremony 2019

Ranked Fourth in PA Bar Exam Results

Our students achieve impressive results exceeding nationwide scores.
2019 Bar Results

Duquesne University School of Law graduates achieved a 87.88% first-time pass rate on the July 2019 Pennsylvania bar exam, placing them among only four schools to achieve a first-time pass rate of 87% or above. Duquesne's first-time pass rate of 87.88% outpaced the statewide average of 80.6%.

"These results exemplify the School of Law's continued dedication and commitment to its students," Duquesne Law Dean April Barton said. "We're especially thankful to our bar studies team and our dedicated faculty and staff. We are grateful for the steadfast support of the University and our alumni association, and the discipline and work ethic demonstrated by the Class of 2019."

This marks the fourth consecutive year that the law school has outperformed the state average. Duquesne's overall pass rate of 83.81% exceeded the statewide overall pass rate of 73.07%.

For both first-time and overall takers, Duquesne University finished ahead of Drexel, Penn State University-Penn State Law, Rutgers, Temple, Villanova, Widener Commonwealth Law and Widener Delaware Law.

Since February 2018, the American Bar Association (ABA) requires law schools to report their "ultimate bar passage rates," which track law school graduates for a period of two years or four bar exam cycles (July and February). In 2019, the School of Law reported an ultimate bar passage rate of 96.72%.