Juris Doctor/Master of Divinity Joint Degree

School of Law and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

The School of Law and the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary have developed a program offering both the Juris Doctor and Master of Divinity degrees. In the Judeo-Christian tradition the contact is very close between justice and law, and the ministry of the people of God. The practice of ministry is frequently intertwined with the administration of law.

This double competency program enables a student to earn both the Juris Doctor and Master of Divinity in five years of post-baccalaureate study instead of the usual six. This dual-degree program provides a full course of study in both theology and law. This is accomplished by allowing certain courses taken in each school to be used as electives in the other.

  • Candidates must begin their study in the School of Law prior to substantially completing the requirements for the master's degree

Credit Requirements

Specific course requirements and limitations may be obtained from the School of Law Registrar's Office.

15 credit hours of course work permitted per semester

3 credit hours may be permitted for a School of Law clinical course

Students are required to provide the School of Law Registrar with a copy of their graduate elective course schedule


Candidates must be admitted to each school independently. Students interested in this program should also contact the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary at:

Office of Admissions
618 North Highland
Pittsburgh, PA  15206