Juris Doctor (J.D.)

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The Rules and the Facts

The study of law concerns the rules and the facts. Students at Duquesne Kline School of Law will learn what the rules are and learn how to evaluate the facts utilizing the fundamental skills of the legal profession. Students acquire knowledge of the rules and the facts through broad, required courses, which are intended to provide the requisite skills to become a competent attorney in any field of practice.

Admission criteria and performance standards are the same for all J.D. students.

Full-Time Day Program

Our three-year curriculum in residence is designed for students who can devote full-time effort to the study of law.

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Part-Time Day Program

Duquesne Kline School of Law also offers a unique program for students to pursue legal studies on a part-time day schedule within four years. Part-time day students may also enroll in other day, evening, Saturday or summer classes.

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Part-Time Evening Program

Working professionals can apply to the part-time evening program of study leading to graduation after four years in residence. Courses are scheduled Monday through Friday evenings and occasionally on Saturdays. In addition to regular class attendance, students must allow sufficient time for studies outside of class hours.

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Optional concentrations allow students to pursue a focused curriculum that corresponds to their particular areas of interest in the law. Read more about the 13 concentrations offered by Duquesne University School of Law.

Joint Degrees

Students may participate in joint degree programs with Duquesne Kline School of Law and select graduate programs. The process begins with an independent application to each program. Upon admission, the student should consult with each school to plan the course of study.

Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration
School of Law/John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business

Juris Doctor/Master of Science in Environmental Science and Management
School of Law/Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Juris Doctor/Master of Divinity
School of Law/Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Juris Doctor/Master of Arts in Healthcare Ethics
School of Law/McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Juris Doctor/Master of Arts in Philosophy
School of Law/McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts