Apple TVs

The School of Law has an Apple TV installed in each of the classrooms, courtrooms and select conference rooms. The Apple TV allows any iOS (iPhone or iPad) or MacBook laptop to wirelessly connect to the Apple TV input and mirror the display onto the room's A/V system.

For iOS devices, you must be in the classroom connected to DuqNet with BlueTooth enabled in order to "see" and connect to the Apple TV

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  • Where applicable, the password for each room's Apple TV will be posted in the room, otherwise please contact the IT Department for the password
  • The first time you connect the connection may disappear after entering the password (on iOS devices). Wait one minute and try to reconnect
  • What happens when someone else connects to the Apple TV? - The newly connected user will "bump" the current user off
  • All classrooms have an Apply TV except Classroom 311 and the 4th Floor Faculty Lounge.