Duquesne University has procured a site license for Box as our secure cloud storage and collaboration solution. With Box, you can securely store your files and share select files/folders with members of the Duquesne community.

Box provides an easy-to-use platform that enables access to your content from anywhere and on any device. Ways to access Box include:

  • Box Drive - This application can be installed on your PC or Mac that allows you to browse, work from and save files directly to Box, as if they are on your computer. Connection to the internet is required. If you are disconnected from the internet and recently accessed a file it will be stored offline and accessible for editing. Changes will sync to the server when you reconnect.  Box Drive can be downloaded from
  • Web browser - accessing Box via your web browser allows you to access additional functionality such as sharing settings, version control and seeing who has access to folders and files. You can login via the Login menu on the top right of the School of Law website.  You will want to login via SSO (Single Sign On).
  • iOS or Android App - Access your files on your phone. Note there is a separate app for iPad.


Shared Folders

The School of Law has created shared folders for departments, offices, committees and other organizational units.  If you have access to these folders/files, they will appear at the root of your Box account.


Using Box for your Personal Files

You can store and backup all your personal work and files to your Box account. It is recommended you create top-level folders called "Documents", "Photos", etc. to store your respective files in.  Only you can access the files, unless you specifically share them out to others.

Space is essentially unlimited.


Data not permitted in Box

While Box is a very secure, it is not intended to store certain types of information, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive University-related information. Generally speaking, PII information includes social security numbers, credit card information and driver's license numbers. Please see the CTS Data Governance Service Requirement for more information.



Visit the CTS page on Box.

Contact the Law IT Department at