Course Management

Duquesne University uses BlackBoard as our primary Course Management System. Some faculty also use Westlaw's TWEN system for posting course readings and other materials.

Basic Instructions for BlackBoard

BlackBoard is supported primarily by the Educational Technology Department (Ed Tech).  We have provided some common task instructions below for faculty convenience.


Detailed Instructions for BlackBoard

More detailed instructions and resources on BlackBoard can be found on Educational Technology's intranet site at:


Accessing BlackBoard

There are a number of ways to get to your BlackBoard course, this is one:

  1. In the top right hand side of the School of Law website, under Login, select BlackBoard
  2. Login in your Duquesne MultiPass credentials
  3. Under My Courses (typically on the left), select your course
  4. You are now in your BlackBoard course
  5. Ensure that you are in Edit Mode (it should to be set to ON) - located on the right hand side, towards the top

Note:  When Edit Mode is turned off you will be previewing the site as a student would see it


Enabling Your Course

A course 'shell' is automatically created for each course, each term; however it needs to be made available to your students manually. This allows you to build your course and add your files prior to the start of the semester.

Enabling (Publishing) a Course

  1. In BlackBoard, while in your course:
  2. In the left-hand navigation, go to 'Customization'
  3. Click on 'Properties', under 'Set Availability', select 'Yes' to make the course available.
  4. Click Submit.


Adding Course Content

The most common use of BlackBoard is for posting PDFs of reading materials and resources for students to access.

Linking and Uploading Your Files

 Go to 'Course Content' (left-side navigation)

  1. Click 'Build Content', select 'Create Item'
  2. Enter a name for the content, files or reading materials
  3. Under 'Attachments', click 'Browse Course'
  4. Click 'Upload' button
  5. Click 'Upload' > 'Upload Files' (Java is required to be install and enabled here if you want to upload multiple files at one time)
  6. Locate the files from your computer and upload them
  7. Make sure all files you want linked are checked and click 'Submit'
  8. Click 'Submit'