Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the Duquesne University School of Law. Below you will find introductory information regarding technology resources for faculty and staff at the School and University.

Getting Connected

Setting Up Your Duquesne MultiPass Account

Your MultiPass account is your gateway to many university resources. Once your paperwork has been completed and processed by Human Resources, your Duquesne MultiPass account is created. To see whether your account has been created, you can query for your listing in the University Directory.

Setting up your MultiPass account allows you access to a number of University systems, such as DORI (information portal), email, wireless Internet access, and Blackboard. You will be required to change your password every 6 months.

Duquesne Online Resources and Information (DORI)

DORI allows you to access a number of items such as course lists, course registration, payroll and tax information, departmental budget queries and more.

Connecting to the WiFi Network - DuqNet

DuqNet is the University's wireless network. In order to connect to DuqNet, you must authenticate with your MultiPass credentials.

Lexis, West Law and Bloomberg Law Accounts

Please contact Tsegaye Beru in the Library to have your accounts with Lexis, West Law and Bloomberg Law created.



Your @duq.edu Email Account

Duquesne University uses Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) for our email accounts. Your @duq.edu will be your primary and official method of communication from the School of Law and Duquesne University. Adjunct faculty may want to forward their email to another primary email account (log in to email via a web browser, select the gear icon in the top right corner and select 'Options'. From the menu, select 'Forwarding' under 'Accounts').

Learn more about setting up your email, how to access your email account and methods for configuring it on your computer or other devices.

Emailing Your Class (Faculty only)

Faculty can send emails to all the students in their course by following

Login to DORI

  1. Click 'Self-Service Banner' tab
  2. Click 'Faculty and Advisors'
  3. Click 'Faculty Menu'
  4. Click 'Class List'
  5. Select your Term
  6. If you have multiple courses, select the courses from the drop down menu
  7. Under the 'Summary Class List', click 'Email Class'
  8. Email Class will launch your email client (e.g., Outlook)* with the class email addresses in the BCC recipient field.
    *Note:  this requires a configured email client. If you are using a web browser-based email system, additional steps will be required depending on the configuration of your computer.


Additional Technologies

Classroom A/V Systems

All classrooms in the School of Law have standardized classroom audio/video systems. Faculty can connect their laptops, tablets and smartphones to the systems.

Classroom Recording and Lecture Capture - Mediasite

The School of Law has equipped each classroom for lecture capture capabilities if you wish to record one or all of your lectures. This can include any combination of video, audio and the screen or PowerPoint presentation. Please contact the Law IT Department if you want a recording scheduled. We also have the Mediasite software available that allows you to pre-record lectures (to develop a 'flipped classroom').

Video Conferencing - Zoom Meetings

The University has a site license for Zoom. All classrooms with instructor computers have a camera and microphone available for video conferencing use.

Online Course Management System - Blackboard

Blackboard is the University's Course Management System where faculty can post readings, host online discussion boards and much more for your students.  Many basic instructions are detailed in your LAW - Bb Practice course site.  Blackboard is managed and supported by the University's Educational Technology Department.


Getting Help

School of Law IT Department

IT Service Desk (for problems with MultiPass and WiFi)