Download PHAROS Printer Driver

Windows  MAC

The School of Law provides 2 Print Centers for student printing needs.  Print jobs can be sent to the print system (Pharos) from one of the computers in the Library, your personal laptop (see below) or via email (see below).  When printing from a Library PC or your personal laptop, there is a prompt (pop-up) for your MultiPass username/password, as well as an acknowledgment to confirm print. Print jobs are then held in queue to be released at one of the nearest Print Release Stations (see below).

Printing is free for all School of Law students. Students are allocated 3,000 pages annually. (Note:  the Pharos system uses a monetary basis to define printing with $.03 representing a single page. THis is used for tracking purposed and students are never charged a fee for printing).

Print Centers and Print Release Stations

Students can release their queued print by entering in MultiPass credentials at release stations in the DCLI Print Center or on the first floor. From there a list of pending print jobs can be selected to print to a nearby printer. Print Release Stations (and accompanying printers) are located as follows:

  • Three in Room 218B on the Law Library (The Print Center)
  • Two in Room 117 of the Law Library (Auxiliary Print Center)

The system will determine the first available printer and send your job to that printer and the release station will indicate which printer  your job is being sent to. 

Note:  Un-printed jobs will remain in the print queue for up to 12 hours.

Printing via Email

Students can add files to their queue by sending attachments to from your email address. You may be prompted to first register your email address, linking it to your printing account. Please note you will receive a confirmation email back when your job is ready to be released (usually processed in less than a minute).

Check your Balance

Student can check their account balance as well as upload documents to their queue and access other features by visiting:

(Only available when on campus)

Wireless Printing

Students can install the print queue directly on their personal laptops


  1. Please Note: You must be on campus and connected to DuqNet to install the software.
  2. Using the links above, Download the software for your computer (note that Windows 8 RT and Mac OS 10.5 and older are not supported)
  3. Install the software, following all the default prompts.
  4. Install Notes:
    1. Windows: The installer can take a several minutes to install. Click Finish when complete. If you get an error message during install, restart and try it again,
    2. Mac: After opening the .dmg file, double click the installer called "popup.pkg" and follow all the default prompts to complete the installation.
  5. The Print queue named "LawPharosSecuredQueue" will appear in your list of installed printers.
  6. It is not required, but recommended that you restart your computer.
  7. When printing to this queue, there will be a prompt for MultiPass username/password and a confirmation pop up prompt. Allow a few seconds for these pop-ups (particularly the confirmation) to appear.
  8. Print Jobs are then held in queue to be released at one of the nearest Print Release Stations (see above).

Lexis Printers

LexisNexis has provided their own laser printers and web-printing service to be used when printing from their website. These printers are also located in Room 117 of the Law Library.

Requesting Additional Pages

Students can request additional pages by submitting an email to Please send this email from your address and include any information regarding why you require additional pages such as participation in student organizations, publications or serving as a research assistant.