Legislative Drafting Course Student Projects


  • Revision of NCAA rules governing the dispensing and storage of prescription drugs for student athletes.
  • Revision of NHL rules for illegal "head checks."
  • Student athlete "Bill of Rights" for Pennsylvania addressing scholarships and health insurance.
  • Statute legalizing "sports betting" in New Jersey.
  • Federal statute for licensing sports agents.


  • Procedures for university-provided accommodations for disabled students.
  • Proposed changes to the law school's course registration system.
  • Proposal to change the law school grading.

Local Government Law

  • Sign ordinance for a New Jersey township with a historic downtown district.
  • Local DBA ordinance for a town in Arkansas.
  • Creation of a housing bank for Pittsburgh.

State Law

  • Pennsylvania statute for inspection and licensure of body art facilities.
  • Revisions to Pennsylvania unemployment insurance statutes and regulations.
  • Court rules to hold attorneys in contempt for failing to appear for hearings.
  • HIV/AIDS stigma cause of action for Pennsylvania.
  • Revision of Pennsylvania's DUI statute.
  • Proposal for licensing pharmacy technicians in Pennsylvania.
  • Proposal for regulating electronic billboards in Pennsylvania.
  • Tenant's bill of rights for Pennsylvania.
  • Rental property security requirements for Pennsylvania tenants.

Federal Law

  • Proposed federal "Shield Law" for journalists.
  • Proposed changes to federal conflict-of-interest rules for persons serving on food safety and related agency review panels.
  • Proposed changes to the process for public notice and comment about airport runway expansion.