Basic Practice Track

General Practice Concentration

Concentration Advisor: Professor Rona Kaufman and Professor Katherine Norton

In addition to completing required first-year courses, Corporations, Evidence, and Professional Responsibility, students wishing to fulfill the General Practice Concentration- Basic Track must complete four additional courses in the upper level curriculum, as follows:

Required Courses

Choose at least two:

Employment Law
Estates and Trusts
Family Law
Trial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy I- Trial Team

Elective Courses

Choose two additional courses from below (or required courses above):

Simulation Courses

Advanced Legal Writing: Law Firm Simulation
Estates and Trusts Skills Simulation
PA Pretrial Civil Litigation Simulation
Pleading & Discovery Simulation
Trial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy I- Trial Team

Clinics and Externships

Government Externship*
High-credit Externship*
Judicial Externship*
Non-profit Externship*

Upper-Level Writing Course

Advanced Legal Writing: Legal Drafting
Appellate Practice and Procedure
Directed Research*
PA Pretrial Civil Litigation Simulation

Other Courses

Accounting for Lawyers
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Basic Federal Income Taxation
Business Planning
Contract Drafting Simulation
E-Discovery Simulation
Federal Civil Procedure
Fundamentals of Intellectual Property
Negotiation Skills
Oil and Gas Law
Pennsylvania Civil Procedure
Remedies at Law and in Equity
Research for Law Practice

*Requires approval of Concentration Advisor after consultation with faculty member supervising the clinic/externship/paper.