Civil Litigation Track

Litigation Concentration

Concentration Advisor: Professor Steven Baicker-McKee and Professor Tara Willke

In addition to completing all required courses, students wishing to fulfill the Litigation Concentration – Civil Litigation Track must complete four (4) additional courses in the upper-level curriculum, as follows:

Required Courses

Remedies at Law and in Equity

Choose one:
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Art of Mediation
Negotiation Skills

Elective Courses

Choose two additional courses from below (or above), including at least one simulation course and at least one clinic or externship:

Simulation Courses

Advanced Legal Writing: Law Firm Simulation
Expert Evidence Simulation
PA Pretrial Civil Litigation Simulation
Pleading & Discovery Simulation
Pretrial Civil Litigation Simulation
Social Media Discovery
Trial Advocacy
Trial Advocacy I- Trial Team

Clinics and Externships

Civil Rights Clinic
Education Law Clinic
Family Law Clinic
Federal Litigation Clinic
Government Externship*
High-credit Externship*
Judicial Externship
Non-profit Externship*
Summer Intensive General Externship*
Unemployment Compensation Clinic

Upper-Level Writing Courses

Advanced Legal Writing: Legal Drafting
Appellate Practice and Procedure
Directed Research*
Expert Evidence Simulation
PA Pretrial Civil Litigation Simulation

Other Courses

Accounting for Lawyers
Administrative Law
Appellate Moot Court I (classroom)
Appellate Moot Court (competition)
Capstone Course: Lawyering Skills
Civil Rights Litigation
Complex Litigation, Class Actions, & the Adversary System
Conflict of Laws 
Deposition Skills
E-Discovery Simulation
Employment Discrimination 
Fact Investigation
Family Law
Federal Courts and the Federal System
Fundamentals of Intellectual Property
Judgment and Decision Making for Lawyers
Litigation Technology
Medical Malpractice Litigation Skills
Patent Litigation
Pennsylvania Civil Procedure
Representation of Veterans in the Benefit Claims Process
Research for Law Practice
Trade Secret Law
Trial Team (competition)

*Requires approval of Concentration Advisor after consultation with faculty member supervising the clinic/externship/paper