Mission and Moral Life Track

Government Concentration

Concentration Advisor: Professor Bruce Ledewitz

In addition to completing Constitution Law I and II, students wishing to fulfill the Government and Public Interest Concentration – Mission and Moral Life Track must complete four additional courses in the upper level curriculum, as follows:

Required Course

Choose one:
Canon Law
Catholic Social Thought and the Law
Philosophy of Law

Elective Courses

Choose three additional courses from below (or above):

Clinics and Externships

Civil Rights Clinic*
Criminal Prosecution Program*
Education Law Clinic*
High-credit Externship*
Non-profit Externship*
Pennsylvania Innocence Project*
Public Defender Adult Program*
Public Defender Juvenile Program*
Summer Intensive General Externship*
Unemployment Compensation Clinic
Urban Development Practicum*
Veterans Clinic

Upper-Level Writing Courses

Advanced Legal Writing: Legal Drafting*
Animal Law
Companion Animal Law & Policy
Directed Research*
Election Law
Environmental Justice Seminar
Pennsylvania State Constitutional Law
Philosophy of Law
Wrongful Convictions

Other Courses

Administrative Law  
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Art of Mediation
Capstone Course: Lawyering Skills 
Children and the Law
Civil Rights Litigation *
Climate Change Law
Criminal Procedure: Bail to Jail
Food Law & Policy
Gender & the Law
In-House Counsel and Modern Corporations
Introduction to Jewish Law
Judgment and Decision Making for Lawyers
Law and Medical Ethics
Law and Psychology
Law and Religion
Law, Public Service and the Executive Branch
Public Health Law and Policy
Sanctions, Sentencing and Corrections
Secularism, Religion and the Public Square
Work-Life Law

* Requires approval of Concentration Advisor after consultation with faculty member supervising the clinic/externship/paper