Policies & Procedures

The following regulations apply to all examinations.  Violations of these regulations are considered infractions of the Disciplinary Code.

  1. Examinees are not permitted to sit next to one another in any examination room but are to sit in alternate seats.
  2. Examinees may only have the following items with them in the examination room during the course of any examination: laptop computers (refer to #12 below), writing pens, pencils, one copy of the examination, one copy of the examination bluebook or answer seet, scratch paper provided by the Registrar's Office (unless not permitted by the faculty member administering the exam), and such materials as may be specifically permitted by the faculty member administering the exam.  If a calculator is permitted during an exam, one with memory is not permitted.
  3. Examinees, when outside of the examination room are not permitted to make reference during the course of an examination to any electronic devices, books, notes, outlines or any other materials.
  4. Examinees are not permitted to smoke, eat or drink any beverages in the examination room; however, bottled water is permitted.  Smoking is prohibited in the School of Law and examinees are not permitted to leave the School of Law in order to smoke.
  5. Examinees are not permitted to make or receive telephone calls during an examination.  Watches, smartphones and all other electronic devices are not permitted on your person during examinations.  All devices must be turned off and placed in your backpack, locker, purse, or in the front of the exam room.  Finding a prohibited electronic device on a student's person during an exam is grounds for receiving a grade of "F" on that examination.
  6. Examinees may not remove their examinations, examination bluebooks or answer sheets from the examination room.
  7. Examinees are permitted to use the restrooms located in the Student Lounge area and on the third floor of the School of Law only.  Only one person at a time is permitted to use restroom facilities.  Examinees are not permitted to use any restrooms located in the Law Library.
  8. Examinees are not permitted for any reason to leave the School of Law during an examination.
  9. Examinees are not permitted to converse with anyone except a proctor during an examination.
  10. Each examinee must physically turn in his/her examination, bluebook, or answer sheet to the assigned proctor in each examination room.  An examinee may not exit the examination room until he/she has witnessed the logging-in process of his/her examination, bluebook, or answer sheet.  Any examinee who fails to comply with this fule will receive a failing grade for the examination.
  11. Examinees are not permitted to discuss any aspect of the examination with the faculty member who administered the exam prior to the grades being filed and posted in DORI for that examination.  Students with concerns regarding the examination should contact the School of Law Registrar.
  12. Examinees wishing to type their examinations by the use of laptop computers must furnish and properly maintain their own laptop computers and power cords.  Students must have: (a) a laptop compatible with the latest versionof SofTest software; (b) the newest version of SofTest software installed on their laptops; and (c) completed the SofTest Practice Exam by the deadline specified.  Students who fail to complete the Practice Exam within the specified time period will not be permitted to take their examinations on laptops.  Any problems with a laptop during the exam may require a student to complete the exam in a bluebook.  Additional regulations involving the use of laptop computers will be furnished to each examinee by the Registrar via your Duquesne email account.  Students will strictly adhere to proctor instructions during exam periods.  Students are responsible for fully reading and understanding their Duquesne emai and website instructions for laptop exams to ensure the safety of their final exam files.
  13. Students are not permitted to wear a hat, hoodie or cap during any examinations.
  14. All bookbags must be placed in the front of the examination room near the proctors.  Purses must be placed on the floor near individual seats.
  15. If the exam is open book, all materials must be in clear sight of the proctors.  Examinees must also run the SofTest software during the entire exam.  Examinees may not use notes on the laptop or the Internet during examinations, and are not permitted to access the Internet or other thrid-party sources (such as commercial outlines, hornbooks, etc.) during the course of the exam.
  16. Once a student has completed an examination, he or she should proceed to the student lounge or exit the building.
  17. In any course in which the students write a paper or project instead of taking an examination, the final version of the paper or project must be submitted electronically using Blackboard.  A paper written as directed research must be submitted electronically through Blackboard.  Failure to comply may result in denial of credit for the course or directed research.