The Law School Registrar’s Office has received documentation from the Office of Special Student Services regarding student exam accommodations. We are happy to administer your exams with these special instructions. In order to accomplish this, all students receiving testing accommodations must comply with the following procedures:

  • The accommodations recommended for you by the Office of Special Student Services will be provided until you graduate; you need not do anything further through their office.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Registrar/Assistant Registrar a week before the exam process begins to determine your room and time assignments.
  •  Arrive at the School of Law Registrar’s Office at least 15 minutes before your exam so that you have ample time to set up with your bluebooks or laptop. You MUST leave books, book bag, cellphone and other items in the School of Law Registrar’s Office.
  • You are required to be on time for all exams. Time will not be extended for your tardiness. It is not fair to the other students to extend time for tardiness. However, if there is an emergency, you must contact the Registrar/Assistant Registrar at 412-396-2268/6295.
  • Please note that you are on your Honor. Read all Exam Policies and Procedures And, read the School of Law Disciplinary Code in the Academic Bulletin page 30.
  • If you must leave the exam room for a reasonable purpose such as to use the restroom, please do so quickly and quietly. Do not talk to anyone during the exam process.
  • Check with the office with regards to what is permitted in your exam room.
  • Due to limited space/rooms, students may be placed in a room together.
  • DO NOT contact your professors about testing accommodations.