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Exam Conflict Policy

When registering for classes, students are responsible to review the exam schedule, and schedule classes to avoid exam conflicts. Students must take exams as scheduled.  If two exams in required courses are scheduled on the same day, students should complete an Exam Conflict Request form and return it to the Law School Registrar. The Law School Registrar will arrange for a time to take a make-up examination. Any petition for a make-up exam to avoid an exam conflict other than in required courses must be addressed to the Academic Status Committee.

Other than provided above, examination schedules will not be altered and make-up exams will not be permitted except for mandatory religious obligations, a student’s serious illness or injury, labor and/or delivery of the student’s baby, or a death in the student’s immediate family.

In such an event, the student shall (i) notify the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and the Law School Registrar of the occurrence of the event as soon as possible, but no more than two days following the student’s discovery of the event, and in any event prior to the date of the examination, (ii) request a make-up exam, and (iii) provide written proof of the event to the Law School Registrar within two days of initial notification. The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs will review the student’s request for a make-up exam and, for good cause shown, may approve the request and direct the Law School Registrar to schedule a make-up examination.

Make-up examinations must be taken when scheduled by the School of Law Registrar.

Because the School of Law reserves the right to reschedule exams at any time during the exam period, students must not schedule personal obligations, travel, vacations, or other commitments at any time during the exam period.

The determination to cancel an exam due to inclement weather is made by the Dean and Provost. If an exam is cancelled due to inclement weather, students are required to take the exam on the make-up date determined by the Law School Registrar.