Pass/No Pass Grading

Spring 2020 Pass/No Pass (P/N) Grade Options

The Pass/No Pass (P/N) grade option gives law students the opportunity to keep or remove the standard letter grade from transcripts.  Universities recognize standard letter grades as A through F.  Thus, the standard letter grades will appear on your transcript; however, the quality points associated with the standard letter grades will NOT be included in your grade point averages.  Subsequently, the Pass (P) includes credits in your total credits for the semester and No Pass (N) does NOT include the credits.

Students will not be permitted to convert to Pass/No Pass grades for courses that had all of their graded compenents submitted prior to March 18th such as LRW II.

Earned grades A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C- are converted to P grades; D+, D, F are converted to N grades.  See options for D and D+ grades below.

Please note:

1. What choices may a student use with the "D", "D+", or "F" grade option?

a. Students who opt to keep a "D" or "D+" grade will keep the credits included in your total credits for the semester.  And, it will be considered a "P" with the grade on your transcript.

b. Students who opt to not keep the "D" or "D+" grade and select the No Pass (N) option will notice that the course credits are not included in your total credits for the semester.  And, the grade is removed.

c. If you receive a "D" or "D+" and you do not make a decision between the P/N options, the Law School Registrar's Office will place an "N" on your transcript, and you will not receive the course credits.

d. An "F" grade will automatically receive an "N" grade.

2. Will I be required to retake courses with a "D", "D+", or "F" grade?

a. Any student who opts for a No Pass for a required course will be required to retake the course.

b. Any student who opts for a No Pass for an elective course will not be required to retake the course even if you receive an "F" grade.

3. Can a student use the P/N option if he/she receives a C- or above for spring 2020?

a. A Pass is any grade that is a "C-" or above as prescribed by faculty for spring 2020 only.

b. Credits are included, grade is on the transcript.

c. Students may elect a No Pass option for any grade that is a "C-" or above, credits are not included and the grade will NOT be on the transcript.

4. May I request an "I" (Incomplete) grade for a paper or project for spring 2020?

a. Yes, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs may approve an "I" grade but only for compelling reasons.

b. An "I" grade will remove you from the ranking process beginning in fall 2020 until the last academic year of your legal education.  You may receive a presumptive rank from the Law School Registrar's Office.

c. A student with an "I" grade must complete the paper or project before the summer 2020 semester ends.

d. Students with "I" grades for spring 2020 will receive a P/N grade for the completed project.

5. When should students make changes to the grading options for spring 2020 courses?

a. Students will be able to elect the P/N grade opton after they have seen their final grade beginning in May.  The request form will be available in DORI beginning on Monday, May 18th at 8:30 am. 

6. Is there a deadline to make the changes?

a. Yes.  Graduates and all other law students' deadline to complete the grade option form is 7 days after Monday, June 15, 2020 (June 22nd by 6 pm).

7. Will a student be able to change any courses for which P/N is the original grade option to a standard (A-F) grade option?

a. No, only changes from STANDARD to PASS/NO PASS are permitted.

8. How will a student submit change requests for the P/N grade option?

a. All law students must complete the P/N grade request form in DORI.  The submitted form will be emailed to the Law School Registrar's Office for processing.  You must submit one form per course.

9. Once a student changes any course to P/N, will there be an opportunity to reverse that decision prior to the deadline or later?

a. No.  Once a student decides to elect the P/N grade option, the decision is final even if the window for such a change is still open.  Changes to the P/N grade option are without appeal.

10. Will the extended time needed for P/N grading add to the final grade processing and delay the availability of students' final transcripts and diplomas?

a. Yes. The final grade processes cannot take place until all deadlines have passed.  Graduating law students will be notified when degrees are received in the office.

11. What is the best option for students graduating May 2020 to order an official transcript?

a. Order your transcript from the University Registrar's Office at as soon as possible.

b. Students should select AFTER DEGREE IS AWARDED as the processing option.  The transcript request will be processed at 5:00 pm on the day the degree is posted.

12. Must a standard letter grade (A-F) be assigned in order to remain eligible for Federal Student Aid or Duquesne University School of Law academic scholarships?

a. No. Earned grades can be recorded as standard letter grades or Pass/No Pass (P/N) grades.

13. Will May 2020 graduates receive CALI Awards for the highest grade in a course?

a. Yes. CALI will still accept, post and publish CALI Excellence for the Future Awards for students.  If law school professors select a student deserving of the CALI Award when submitting grades, the students' names will be posted.

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