Study Abroad - Europe - Externship Program

Earn Important Work Experience in Europe and Credit


  • A number of externships in major International law firms are available for participants.
  • The externships commence at the conclusion of the three-week course program and are available for a minimum period of two weeks and a maximum of six.
  • Students earn 1 additional credit hour upon completion of the externship.
  • Externships in Europe will be awarded based upon a successful application and interview with Professor Junker.
  • The externship application must be completed and submitted no later than January 31.

We make an effort to place students in externships that perform the type of work in which the student has a particular interest. Thus, if a student is interested in intellectual property, we will endeavor to place the student with a firm that has expertise in patent and trademark law. However, we cannot guarantee that every student will be placed in a firm that performs a particular type of legal service. The experiences students have will vary with the firm's needs at the time the externship is performed. In the past, students have participated in meetings with clients; have assisted in drafting documents; have prepared correspondence; and have drafted legal memoranda.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Work at an externship (minimum externship is two-weeks) to earn an additional credit
Externship providers include:
  1. Osborne & Clarke (British), Cologne
  2. Mayer Brown LLP (American), Düsseldorf
  3. Oppenhof and Partners (German), Cologne
  4. DLA Piper (American), Cologne
  5. Poellath and Partners (German) Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich
  6. Accuracy LLC Legal & Financial Language Services, Frankfurt
  7. Bosnia-Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Public Sector
  8. Von der Fecht LLP, Düsseldorf
  9. Slovenia (in the city Ljubljana), Public Sector
  10. Fraunhofer Institut, Munich