JD Jumpstart get ready to become a 1L _photo of law school building

JD Jumpstart

Get ready to become a 1L!

The Duquesne University School of Law faculty will provide a summer program for incoming 1Ls beginning in June to help with the transition to law school. A series of seminars hosted by our faculty will include the following topics:

Introduction to the Legal System

  • Sources of law and the court system
  • Precedent

Preparing for Class

  • Critical Reading Skills
  • Reading Case Law and Briefing
  • Statutes
  • Note Taking

Legal Reasoning

  • Rule-based reasoning
  • Analogical reasoning

Law School Assessments and Exam Taking

  • Format of Law School Exams
  • Outlining

The program is open to all incoming Duquesne Law 1L's, free of charge. Each module will be offered asynchronous following "Meet the Faculty" live sessions allowing students an informal opportunity to ask questions and dive deeper into the topic. 

Spring & Summer Admitted Students Programs

Welcome By:

  • Student Bar Association 
  • Black Law Student Association
  • Part-Time Evening
  • Hispanic American Bar Association

Ask About Series

  • Professor Huhn, "The Five Types of Legal Arguments" 
    Watch Recording 2021
  • Alumni
  • Law School Dean
  • Clinics
  • Military, JAG, & Veterans

Information about registration and program details coming soon! 


Virtual Tour of the Law School

Meet our Ambassadors

Online Information Sessions

Incoming Class Fall 2022 | Facebook Group (Coming soon!) 

Feel free to reach out to any member of the Admissions staff if you have questions or concerns, lawadmissions@duq.edu. We are here to assist you.