Ultimate Checklist


□ Save the Dates
                              - Orientation - August 18 & 19, 2022 
                              - JD Jumpstart will open by June 15, 2022.
  - First Day of Classes -  Monday, August 22, 2022

Registration - The Law School Registrar will register all 1L students in mid-June 2022. All 1L students take the same classes based on division (Full-time / Part-time).

Join Incoming Class Facebook Group
To assist in your transition to Duquesne Law, we have created an official Facebook admitted students group. This page will be a helpful resource to connect to current students, faculty, staff, and future colleagues. Important announcements from the Office of Admissions will be posted on the Facebook group.

Submit Your Seat Deposits
1st deposit due - April 15, 2022 (or the date on your admission letter)
2nd deposit due - June 1, 2022

Early Decision Applicants
1st deposit due - February 21, 2022
2nd deposit due - June 1, 2022

□ Set up Your MultiPass Account
Your MultiPass is your key here at Duquesne University. Your MultiPass username and password give you access to Campus Link, Blackboard, DORI, Email, and WiFi. Your MultiPass, Email, and Blackboard accounts will be automatically created when you have been entered into our administrative system, Banner. 

□ Prepare your Financial Aid
If you plan on applying for Federal Stafford Unsubsidized or GradPLUS loans, submit your FAFSA using Duquesne University's school code 003258.

Financial aid or loan questions? Check out Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Financial Aid Office at 412-396-6607 or faoffice@duq.edu 

Individual counselors for incoming law students are organized by the first letter of the last name:

Mark Moore - Letters A - D, S                 moorem1567@duq.edu
Alison Petrucci - Letters E - K, R & T      petruccia@duq.edu
Alison Wojcik - Letters L - Q, U - Z          wojcika@duq.edu

Purchase a Laptop
Owning a laptop is now mandatory. It is highly advised that you purchase a new laptop for your time at law school. There is a One-Time $2,000 computer allowance in the total cost of attendance so that a new laptop could be obtained through your financial aid package. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information about the laptop allowance. A new well maintained quality laptop should last you through the Bar Exam. Check out the New Student Technology Guide for laptop recommendations.

□ Update your Contact Information
Update your mailing address, email address, and any other contact information with the Office of Admissions at the School of Law after graduation (if applicable).

□ Submit Final Transcripts
Send your final transcripts to LSAC after graduation. The transcript must indicate "degree conferred" and the date conferred.

Explore Housing Options
Dedicated on-campus housing is available for graduate students. Living on-campus provides unbeatable access to campus resources and amenities. Additionally, our location is ideal to explore all that Pittsburgh has to offer. Learn more about on-campus housing options available for graduate students.

Pittsburgh is an affordable city with numerous housing options in vibrant neighborhoods close to campus. For students interested in off-campus housing, our Office of Commuter Affairs is an excellent resource to learn about local neighborhoods and listings.

Later: (after you've been registered for classes in June 2022)

□ Submit Your Health Immunization and Health History Forms*
The Immunization Verification Form is REQUIRED and must be submitted electronically as per the steps HERE. Incoming new students must submit required documents by July 31st- Fall term (or ASAP after depositing). Duquesne University Immunization Verification Form is required to be completed, signed, dated, and stamped by a health care professional. For all questions regarding Immunization Verifications, please email duhealth@duq.edu.
*You will not be able to submit your immunization records until AFTER you've been registered for classes in June 2022.

All enrolled graduate students should provide proof of 2MMR vaccines (or blood titer results proving immunity)

On-campus residents also need Meningitis (ACWY) given on or after the 16th birthday

International graduate students also need IGRA blood testing for Tuberculosis (TB)

COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Required for All Students at Duquesne University

□ Health Insurance Options*
It is the policy of Duquesne University that ALL students have medical health insurance while at the University. Every student has the option to purchase the medical plan through Highmark or to provide evidence of private health insurance coverage.
*You will not be able to enroll in or waive insurance until AFTER you've been registered for classes in June 2022.

□ Learn about JD Jumpstart, a summer program offered in June once students are registered for Fall 2022 classes.

□ Research Parking/Transportation Options
Duquesne University offers parking services and permit options; however, students are not required to purchase a permit. There are many parking lots and garages on-campus and in the vicinity that offer hourly/daily rates. On-campus permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Permit sales will open at the end of July 2022. To view rates and download a permit form, visit the Parking Services website.

Parking Rates
Please login to your DORI account and select "Parking and Permits" from the left-hand column to view current permit rates. 

Parking is also typically available in the Forbes Garage, where visitors can park for a fee without a permit.

Public Transportation
Many students opt for public transportation. Visit the Port Authority of Allegheny County website for more information about bus and light rail (T) transportation. If you are downtown, the buses and T are free. You can take the T to go to the North Shore for Pirates and Steelers games!

Duquesne also offers a shuttle service between campus and the South Side for students. This shuttle offers South Side residents a convenient and inexpensive way to get to class, study sessions, and other events. The shuttle arrives at Duquesne approximately every 15-20 minutes. Learn more about the South Side Shuttle service.

□ Course Registration
The Law School Registrar will enroll each new student in June. Once you are enrolled, your class schedules will be posted in DORI.

□ Undergrad loan deferral/enrollment verification online form can be submitted to the Registrar's Office during the first week of classes.

□ Textbooks 
Find and purchase textbooks at the Duquesne University Official Bookstore*
• Click Textbooks
• Select Term Fall Law 2022 (from the drop-down menu)
• Enter Department (LAWS), Course, and Section
• Click Find Materials

Textbooks may be purchased elsewhere.

Need a Book Voucher? Contact Student Accounts.

Advance Assignments
Advance assignments will be posted in Blackboard under the Registrar's Office section. 
For questions about your fall schedule, please contact the Law School Registrar, Dr. Valerie Harper, at lawreg@duq.edu or 412-396-2268

□ Procure Your DU Card
The DU Card is your official identification card as a student. It also provides access to buildings and residence halls, Power Center recreational facilities, dining and meal plans, library, computer labs, etc. Visit the DU Card website for more information. Must be enrolled in Fall 2022 classes. 

□ Locker Rental (available in June 2022)
Lockers are available for rent in the law school. Purchase 1 or more at $25 each (one-time fee for all 3 or 4 of your years at Duquesne Law).