2018-2019 Competitions

American Bar Association Arbitration, Regional Competition

November 9-10, 2018
Brooklyn, NY

Congratulations to our Appellate Moot Court team of 3Ls, Ashlyn Grim, Aaron McDonough, Brazitte Poole, and Lydia Wardi, who were named Regional Champions of the prestigious

American Bar Association National Arbitration Competition in Brooklyn, New York.  The team was coached by Devon Ferris (L’16), who did a tremendous job preparing them for the competition.  They argued four times over two days, beating teams from Stetson University School of Law, University of Connecticut School of Law, and Brooklyn Law School.  They faced New York School of Law in the final round, where they earned the title of Regional Champions.

Our students' strong performance and victory was a result of months of hard work and preparation.  The Duquesne Law team advanced to the ABA National Arbitration Competition national finals in Chicago, IL, January 25-26, 2019.

Photo of ABA Arbitration Team

Team: Brazitte Poole, Aaron McDonough, Lydia Wardi, Ashlyn Grim 

American Bar Association National Arbitration Competition, National Finals

January 25-26, 2019
Chicago, IL

After securing their spot as Regional Champions in November, our team of 3Ls advanced to the ABA National Arbitration Finals in Chicago in January. Coach Devon Ferris (L’16) did a fabulous job of preparing the students. Ashlyn Grim, Aaron McDonough, Brazitte Poole, and Lydia Wardi represented Duquesne Law School in this prestigious competition. They defeated a team from Texas Tech Law School in the semi-finals. In a very close final round against Southern Methodist University, the team took 2nd place in the country, giving them the title of ABA National Finalists.

Congratulations on a tremendous performance!  

Photo of ABA Arbitration Team

Team: Ashlyn Grim, Lydia Wardi, Brazitte Poole, Aaron McDonough

National Telecommunications and Technology Moot Court Competition

February 15 - 16, 2019
Catholic University, Washington, D.C.

Two teams of Duquesne Law students competed in Washington, D.C.  The 3L team was comprised of Taylor Frey, Michele Mellick, and Maura Perri. Our 2L team of Maria Carr, Amanda Schiavo, and Alana Staneszewski, advanced and won the semi-final round. The 2L team also had a strong brief score, placing third in the competition. The teams were coached by Duquense Alumni, David Frantz and Amy Kerlin.

Photo of National Telecommunications Team 

Team 1: Michele Mellick, Maura Perri, Taylor Frey

Photo of National Telecommunications Team 2

Team 2: Alana Staneszewski, Amanda Schiavo, Maria Carr

American Bar Association National Appellate Advocacy Competition

February, 28 - March 2, 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Two team so f Duquesne Law students competed in the prestigious competition known as "NAAC.” Sam Nolan (3E), Eric Wyant (2L), and Serena Tamburrino (2L) argued on and off brief four times over three days, beating teams from the University of Georgia School of Law and DePaul Law School. Nolan, Wyant, and Tamburrino advanced to the regional semi-finals, and lost in a split decision to a team from Southern Illinois School of Law. The team earned an award for writing the fifth Best Brief. Our second team of 2Ls, Danielle Mrdjenovich, Oluwaseyi Odunaiya, and Kelly Capone also did a fabulous job, beating a team from the University of Memphis School of Law and narrowly failing to advance to the semi-final round. Our students' strong performance was a result of months of hard work and preparation. Adjunct Professor Erin Karsman coached the teams.

Photo of NAAC Team 1

Team 1: Serena Tamburrino, Samuel Nolan, Eric Wyant

Photo of NAAC Team 2

Team 2: Danielle Mrdjenovich, Kelly Capone, Oluwasey Odunaiya

National Energy & Sustainability Moot Court Competition

March 7 - 9, 2019
West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Hosted by West Virginia University College of Law, two teams of Duquesne Law students joined 30 teams from across the nation over a three-day period.

Third-year students Dominic Carrola and Adam Duh emerged as quarterfinalists, succumbing narrowly in a single-elimination match-up to George Washington University Law School. Second-year students Madison Baric, Carrie Garrison, and Mariah Mandy advanced to the octofinals after facing, among others, William and Mary Law School and the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University (champion and runner-up of last year’s competition, respectively).

This year’s case involved challenging issues addressing the regulation of a coal ash impoundment under the Clean Water Act. Other issues included the approval of a rate order by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and a confiscatory taking under the Fifth Amendment. Each team wrote a brief on the issues and then argued the case in a simulated U.S. Court of Appeals. The students were coached by Martin McKown (L'15) and Emilia Rinaldi (L'15).

Photo of WVU Team 1 

Team 1: Adam Duh, Dominic Carrola

Photo of WVU Team 2

Team 2: Madison Baric, Mariah Mandy, Carrie Garrison

Federal Bar Association Thurgood Marshall Memorial Moot Court Competition

March 20 - 21, 2019
Washington, D.C.

40 teams from across the country competed in Washington, DC, where AJ Vogt and Taylor Wantz, advanced to the Final Four in an impressive showing. The team argued several times during this intense competition. Vince LeDonne and Amy McCrossen also did an excellent job in this compettion following months of preparation. The teams of 3Ls were coached by 2016 Duquense Law Alumnus, Adam Tragone.

Photo of Federal Bar Association Team 1 

Team 1: Alfred J. Vogt, Taylor Wantz

Photo of Federal Bar Association Team 2

Team 2: Vincent LeDonne, Amy McCrossen

Seigenthaler-Sutherland Cup National First Amendment Moot Court Competition

March 22 - 23, 2019
Washington, D.C.

Coached by Devon Ferris (L'16), Alyssa Lazar and Brazitte Poole, traveled to our nation's capitol to compete in the First Amendment Moot Court Competition. We are proud to report that this team of Duquesne Law 3Ls advanced to the quarterfinals.

Photo of Seigenthaler Team 

Team: Brazitte Poole, Alyssa Lazar

Herbert Wechsler National Criminal Moot Court Competition

March 30, 2019
Buffalo, NY

Photo of Weschler Team 1

Team 1: McCall Behringer, Benjamin Kelly

Photo of Weschler Team 2

Team 2: Christopher Winkler, Jacob Hanley