Faculty Highlights

Faculty Scholarship

Steven Baicker-McKee, Joseph A. Katarincic Chair of Legal Process and Civil Procedure and Associate Professor of Law, publications:

  • A Student's Guide to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (with William Janssen). 2020-21 edition, West Academic Press (2020)
  • The Federal Litigator (with David Herr). Thompson Reuters (monthly, 2020)

April Mara Barton, Dean and Professor of Law, presentations:

  • 2020 Vision for Leadership Conference, Baylor Law (September 2020)
  • SEALS Annual Conference, Online & Hybrid Learning Pedagogy and Standard Development in Post-COVID World (July 2020)
  • Reducing Stress and Avoiding Mistakes in the Post-COVID Era, Continuing Legal Education, American Bar Association (June 2020)
  • Leadership for Lawyers: Defining Leadership & Core Values, Navigating Conflict and Crisis, Continuing Legal Education, Duquesne University School of Law (February 2020)
  • AALS Annual Conference, Online & Hybrid Learning Pedagogy; Best Practices and Standards Development (January 2020)

Pablo Echeverri, Assistant Professor of Law, publication:

  • The Last Grand Inquisitor, 88 UMKC L. Rev. 575 (2020)

Jalila Jefferson-Bullock, Associate Professor of Law, was appointed Visiting Associate Professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh this academic year. Publication, presentations and media:

  • Let My People Go: A Call for the Swift Release of Elderly Prisoners in the Wake of COVID-19, 32 FEDERAL SENTENCING REPORTER 286 (June 2020) (guest editor)
  • Addressing Race and Social Justice, AALS Section on Aging and the Law, virtual, September 2020
  • Defending and Promoting Civil Rights in a Time of Coronavirus, University of Miami School of Law, virtual, September 2020
  • Constitution Day, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, virtual, September 2020 (Invited Speaker)
  • Implicit Bias, Pennsylvania Bar Institute Annual Criminal Law Symposium, virtual, September 2020 (Invited Speaker)
  • Black Lives, Systemic Racism, and the Academy, Southeastern Association of Law Schools Annual Conference, virtual, August 2020
  • WPXI NBC News (Pittsburgh, PA), Commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Aug. 6, 2020
  • CNN Politics, Kelly Mena and Janie Boschma, 55 Years after the Voting Rights Act was Signed into Law, Advocates Continue to Fight to Close Registration Gap, Aug. 6, 2020
  • PITTSBURGH CURRENT, Jody DiPerna, Nothing New: Attempts at Much-Needed Police Reform in Pa. Pre-date George Floyd's Death, June 16, 2020

Bruce Ledewitz, Adrian Van Kaam Endowed Chair in Scholarly Excellence and Professor of Law, publications and presentation:

  • Saving Judicial Independence from the Nihilism of Court-Packing, 12 Elon L. Rev. 317 (2020)
  • Bi-weekly Contributor, Pennsylvania Capital-Star commentary page
  • Recent Developments in Pennsylvania Constitutional Law. Continuing Legal Education, Duquesne University School of Law (Oct. 24, 2020)

Jan M. Levine, Director of Legal Research and Writing and Professor of Law, publication:

  • Guest Blog: Legal Citation and Pop Culture (available at https://teachlawbetter.com/2020/06/30/legal-citation-and-pop-culture/).

Emile Loza de Siles, Assistant Professor of Law, received a Presidential Scholarship Award grant for the summer of 2020. She was also selected as the Inaugural Faculty awardee for the Racial Equity Grant of Duquesne University's Center for Community-Engaged Teaching & Research for her project, Algorithmically Unjust Housing in Allegheny County: Systematized Racism in Housing Artificial Intelligence Systems & Empowering Future Lawyers to Dismantle It. Publication and presentations:

  • AI, on the Law of the Elephant: Toward Understanding Artificial Intelligence. 69 Buff. L. Rev. - (2021)
  • Feminism and Corporate Law: Reforming Corporate Governance Roundtable. Invited Commentator on Professor Darren Rosenblum's "The Political Economy of Corporate Governance: Neutral Rules, Male Capture." Association of American Law Schools, Section on Socioeconomics and JOURNAL OF LAW AND INEQUALITY, University of Minnesota Law School (July 24, 2020)
  • Effective Use of Research Assistants. Invited Panel: Faculty Focus Series, Association of American Law Schools (July 14, 2020)

Jane Campbell Moriarty, Carol Los Mansmann Chair in Faculty Scholarship and Professor of Law, publications and presentations:

  • John M. Conley and Jane Campbell Moriarty, Scientific and Expert Evidence (3rd ed. 2020)(Aspen/WoltersKluwer)
  • Neuroimaging Evidence in the United States, in Law and Mind: At the Intersection of Law and the Cognitive Sciences (eds. Bartosz Brozek, Francis Shen, Nicole Vincent and Jaap Hage, Cambridge University Press, 2020)
  • The Inaugural Carl G. Grefenstette Center for Ethics in Science, Technology, and Law Symposium: "Disinformation, Misinformation and Technology: New Ethical Challenges and Solutions" October 2020
  • The Unavailability Workshop (for Evidence Professors): "Neuroscience Evidence: From Here to Reliability," August 2020

Katherine Norton, Director of Clinical and International Programs and Assistant Professor of Law, publication:

  • Mind the Gap: Technology as a Lifeline for Pro Se Child Custody Appeals, 58 Duq. L. Rev. 82 (2020)

Seth C. Oranburg, Assistant Professor of Law, received a Presidential Scholarship Award grant for the summer of 2020 to work on his monograph book project titled Social Media Investing: The Third Era of Corporate Finance. He was also appointed to the University Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committee and the Institutional Review Board. Publications, presentations and media:

  • Distance Education in the Time of Coronavirus: Quick and Easy Strategies for Professors (March 13, 2020). Duquesne University School of Law Research Paper No. 2020-02, translated into Hebrew as חינוך מרחוק בזמן קורונה: אסטרטגיות קלות ומהירות למרצים and reprinted by The Mofet Institute (2020)
  • How to Integrate New Corporate Directors Online (with B. Kahn), The Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog, Aug. 12, 2020
  • Webinar: Цифровые инструменты для организации дистанционного обучения (Digital tools for organizing distance learning), via FactCheck.kz/MediaNet.kz, Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 2020
  • Experiential Learning and Doctrinal Classes, SEALS Annual Meeting, August 2020
  • Social Media and Securities Regulation, National Business Law Scholars Conference, June 2020
  • Presenting your Best Self Online, Chicago Law, June 2020; Shiff Hardin LLP, May 2020
  • Sports Contracts versus the Coronavirus: Force Majeure Provisions in NBA, MLB, & NFL Sports Contracts, Duquesne University School of Law, April 2020
  • Meghan McCarty Carino, From Vacant Building to a Community of Black Women Homeowners, Marketplace Podcast, Aug. 11, 2020

John T. Rago, Associate Professor of Law, has been appointed chair of the Center for Victims new board of directors.

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