OCI Update

OCI Update

Despite changes in working environments that are impacting nearly every legal employer to some degree right now, the Career Services Office (CSO) is happy to report a very successful fall 2021 On-Campus Interview (OCI) Recruitment season. Thirty-one law firms and organizations recruited through the formal OCI program this year, resulting in numerous callback interviews and offers for summer associate and summer law clerk positions for current second-year day and third-year evening students.

Recognizing that employers' remote and in-person work situations differ, the Career Services Office gave employers the option of conducting in-person or virtual interviews. We provided-and continue to provide-access to the virtual interview platform Flo Recruit for any employers that decided to use it to interview Duquesne Law students, which was the vast majority of them. Although initial and callback interviews may have been held virtually, law students were encouraged to visit firms when they received offers, and firms happily obliged.

Several students who participated in these interviews offered some thoughts about their experiences:

On-campus interviews can be daunting and overwhelming, but the Career Services Office facilitated a seamless process. The CSO had countless helpful resources: It held numerous preparation and advice sessions and sent emails and materials throughout the process, alerting students to what employers typically look for, deadlines, and facilitated the initial screening interviews. It helped me to navigate the process, and ultimately led to my success during OCIs. I connected with numerous firms and used it as an opportunity to get to know them as much as they got to know me. I ultimately accepted an opportunity with a firm that was a great personal and professional fit, and I'm excited to spend my summer there!
- Alexa Austin (2L)

Although OCI is an inherently stressful process, I felt as if my experience was as anxiety-free as possible. Thanks to resources available through the Career Services Office, Maria Comas and a gracious alumni network, I felt as if I walked into every interview prepared to present my best self. Beyond the interview stage, I also felt prepared to make a decision that would determine how my career will begin. My confidence largely stemmed from the sources described above.
- Morgan Camerlo (2L)

While navigating the OCI process was difficult, it was an immense help to be going through the interview process with some of my best friends. Because of the limited scope of our interactions with attorneys at a firm, being able to hear your friends' opinions of their interviewers allows you to better understand a firm's culture, which is a particularly elusive piece of information that you are unlikely to find online. Another benefit was being able to do quick practice mock interviews with my friends, particularly in light of the two most frequently asked OCI questions: 1) Can you tell me about yourself? and 2) Why x firm?
- Samuel Evans (2L)

During my preparation for these interviews, I reviewed the firm's full website, but also made a concerted effort to stay up to date with legal news and ask questions about how to be the best associate in the field that I would like to practice in. I believe that having these detail-oriented conversations about how each of these high-ranking attorney-interviewers have reached their success truly set me apart from other candidates. I was able to demonstrate my interest in the area and learn a few best practices along the way, but it also helped me determine which firm I felt most comfortable with.
- Samantha Thompson (3E)

The Career Services Office sincerely appreciates not only those employers that participated in our fall 2021 On-Campus Interview Recruitment program, but also those that interview and hire our students for jobs and internships throughout the year. If the CSO can assist with any of your hiring needs for students or alumni, please contact Maria D. Comas L'00, Director of Career Services, at comas@duq.edu or 412.396.6279.