Recruit at Duquesne Law

The Career Services Office invites employers to conduct interviews at the Duquesne University School of Law during the fall and spring semesters. On-campus interviewing, known as OCI, allows employers to meet with a large number of candidates during a relatively short period of time. The service is open to all employers - private firms, judges, government agencies, corporations, academic institutions, and public interest organizations.

Fall 2022 Recruitment Program
Interviews will be held from August 1 - November 11, 2022. Employers may complete a registration form or submit information via DuqLawConnect (operated by 12Twenty).

Spring 2022 Recruitment Program
Interviews will be held from January 23 - March 31, 2023.  Employer registration will open in October 2022.



The Career Services Office has three interview rooms adjacent to the School of Law lobby that are available for on-campus interviews throughout the year.  Students who need a quiet space for virtual interviews may use the interview rooms as well.  The rooms are reserved with the Career Services Office by emailing 

In addition to providing space in our interview rooms, the Career Services Office will make the virtual interview platform Flo Recruit available to employers that interview Duquesne Law students. Details will be provided upon request by emailing

Employer Registration

Employers are welcome to create a free account on our job portal, DuqLawConnect (operated by 12Twenty) in order to register for recruitment programs, review applications, or post jobs.   

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Maria Comas
Director of Career Services
Room 209