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Judicial Clerkships

Federal and State Judicial Clerkships

Students who are interested in judicial clerkships should become familiar with the application processes for the federal and state judiciaries.

Students interested in federal clerkships should familiarize themselves with OSCAR.  Students gain access to OSCAR during their 2D, 3E, and 3P year.  Students interested in state court clerkships should become familiar with the hiring practices in the states they are considering.  The Career Services Office has resources about state clerkships that provide state-by-state application guideposts.

The Career Services Office sponsors information sessions about judicial clerkships throughout the academic year. Learn about these programs and read more about various court application processes on DuqLawConnect.

Pursuing a Clerkship?

Notify us if you are pursuing federal or state clerkships.

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Director of Career Services
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