The Career Services Office creates and makes a wealth of information available to law students.  Some of this information is specific to practice area interests and some is more general for all students, such as interviewing and networking skill development.

We invite law students to review the handbook or checklist that is relevant to their class year or division:

     1L Handbook
     2L Handbook
     3L/4E/4P Checklist
     Evening Student Handbook

Current law students may find additional resources on the Career Services (Law) Blackboard page.  Those resources include tip sheets, links to websites, and other publications about the following topics:

     Bar Associations/Professional Organizations
     Career Guides (class level guides or handbooks)
     Diversity & Inclusion
     Guides to Virtual Interviewing and Working Remotely
     Job Search Resources (sample resumes, cover letters, & writing samples; job search websites)
     Practice Areas and Settings
     Program Recordings
     Student Debt
     Well-being & Wellness