The Center's Strategic Framework

Mission Statement

The Center provides a collaborative environment for legal research and learning; a collection of legal information resources designed to meet the curriculum and research
needs of the law school community; and innovative and user-centered services.

The following are ways that the Center contributes to the success of the law school community:

  • Giving personal attention to law students to meet their legal informational needs;
  • Developing instructional programs to ensure law students' competencies in legal research;
  • Customizing services to meet faculty members' teaching, research, scholarship, and service requirements;
  • Creating a space conducive to quiet study, collaborative learning and researching, and interactive engagement for the law school community; and
  • Managing scholarship produced by the law school faculty and students.

Values Statement

The Center follows Duquesne University's mission - "Serving God by Serving Students". It is an academic support unit of the Duquesne School of Law that values scholarship, teaching, learning, and service to the community.

The Center is committed to organizational excellence, and its staff approach their work with a mindset of continuous improvement with the adoption of the latest advances in information technologies.

The Center's work is characterized by integrity, respect, care, transparency, and efficiency.


Budget Sustainability

The Center's budget is increasingly expended on the escalating costs of legal research information resources. The Center administers its fiscal resources carefully by making informed choices, systematically reviewing expenditures for cost savings, and projecting future costs and needs.


The Center shall prioritize developing data-driven methods of assessing its services to guide decision-making and to better articulate its value. Furthermore, the Center will assess students' legal research competencies to ensure that they are practice-ready.

Student Community

The Center plays a critical role in fostering a vibrant community for students. Its physical spaces provide an ever-changing environment for learning, research, scholarship, and collaboration.

Teacher / Scholar Community

The Center offers information resources and services to support the faculty in achieving excellence in teaching and scholarship. The Center works with the law faculty and other scholars to generate new knowledge and to facilitate the expansion of interdisciplinary research expertise.


The Center's resources and services require flexible partnerships with others, including its  technology partners, Gumberg Library, the Allegheny County Law Library, and the Paralegal Institute.


The law librarian faculty and the staff will pursue continuing legal information education, and professionalism skills training to ensure that they have the most up-to­ date expertise and skills to provide innovative and progressive services for the faculty and students.