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  • There are two document scanners from Scannx located in the Print Center. These scanners allow for quick and easy transfer from print to electronic format. They also include an email application for convenient sharing among you and your colleagues.

Printing & Wireless Printing

The DCLIBeat Electronic Newsletter

  • The DCLIBeat electronic newsletter provides information about the Center's resources and services. It is regularly distributed to the law school community.
  • Chuck Sprowls edits the newsletter; please contact him to provide feedback or suggestions.

Research for Law Practice Class

  • The law library hosts a one-credit, pass-fail advanced legal research course.
  • This course uses an asynchronous online format.
  • Topics covered include primary and secondary legal resources, developing an appropriate research strategy, and advanced searching skills.
  • Students gain exposure to the use of both litigation and transactional practice materials, current awareness and alerting services, free internet resources, and emerging technologies such as legal analytics.
  • The emphasis of the class is on an in-depth understanding of resources that are available on Westlaw and Lexis+; however, students will learn to use other electronic research products like HeinOnline, and Bloomberg Law.
  • Contact Chuck Sprowls with any questions about the Research for Law Practice course. 

Course Reserve Text Books

The center Maintains a reserve collection of course text books. You can search for course reserve books in SOLCAT. Reserve Books may be checked out for two hours, and used within the library only. You can search for course reserve books by instructor name or by course name.

PLEASE NOTE: Past exams and other photocopy material are not part of the reserves collection.

  •  Instructors need to utilize Blackboard, or other courseware, to share past exams, readings, and other material with their students.

  •  Instructors, please see the administrative assistant, on your office floor, for assistance with past exams, readings or other material for your Blackboard site(s).

  •  Instructors should consult the Law IT department (via email for assistance with posting course material to your Blackboard site.

Anyone with questions about course text books on reserve should contact Chuck Sprowls (412.396.1133).

Online Reservation System Policy for Group Study Rooms


The Center for Legal Information (DCLI) hosts and online booking system for the group study rooms. There is a total of 17 Study Rooms available. This includes 6 Study Rooms in the Locker Room area of the Law School, and 11 DCLI Study Rooms. The link to the Reservation System is available on the DCLI Homepage, or directly here:

Please be considerate when using all Study Rooms, especially concerning noise. The rooms are not soundproof, and your fellow students in neighboring rooms, as well as students studying in nearby DCLI open areas, will be negatively impacted by any excessive noise you generate. In other words, for the sake of your fellow Law Students, please keep noise down to a minimum while using the Study Rooms. Also, when finished with a room, please leave it in usable condition for the next group. This means gather up any trash, or other loose items, and take it with you upon exit. This especially pertains to any perishable food items, or other items, that may result in rotten or offensive odors. Your fellow students appreciate your help, consideration, and courtesy while using these shared community resources.

DCLI bears no responsibility for any objects you leave unattended!

Terms and Conditions:
1. Rooms can be reserved up to five days in advance.
2. Rooms are available to law students, staff, and faculty only.
3. Rooms can be reserved in a single four-hour block; each user is limited to a single four-hour booking per day across all rooms.
4. The maximum amount of time that a group can reserve across all study rooms is four hours per day. If the Center's staff notices that one group is clearly monopolizing a room by having different group members sign up for time slots, we reserve the right to honor the first four hours of reservations and open up the remaining hours.
5. If a room is not reserved, it is available on a first come/first served basis. (We recommend you still make a reservation, at that point, to avoid the possibility of another student making a reservation in the meantime, resulting in potential loss of the space. In other words, the online reservation takes precedence over physical occupancy.)
6. The system will send an email confirmation. That is your proof of reservation.
7. A group that is more than 15 minutes late will be deemed to have surrendered its reservation.
8. There are no key checkouts. Please do not unlock doors. Doors must remain unlocked.
9. Please do not leave your belongings unattended (backpacks, laptops, valuables, etc.) in the Study Rooms. DCLI is not responsible for lost or stolen items left unattended.