Pennsylvania Innocence Project

Duquesne Law students now have a special opportunity to work as externs or volunteers with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project. 

The statewide program works to exonerate those who have been convicted of crimes they did not commit and to prevent the innocent from being convicted. 

Duquesne Law students assist the project’s legal staff and volunteer attorneys to investigate innocence claims and pursue judicial appeals. During case work and accompanying course work, students gain skills in interviewing, investigation, and legal writing as well as an understanding of the uses of DNA and other scientific evidence and the state and federal rules governing admissibility. 

The initiative has been working for seven years from a single office in Philadelphia. With Pennsylvania now one of the top 10 states in total number of exonerations, the project has expanded into a second office – in Duquesne Law’s Tribone Center for Clinical Legal Education. The project is based the first floor of the Fifth Avenue building, within walking distance to the law school and both of Duquesne’s law libraries.  

Duquesne Law students collaborate with Pitt Law students, with an equal number of student externs working together each semester. The number of student volunteers will change each semester. Program details for externs include the following. 

  • Yearlong Pass/Fail Course
  • Credits: 6 (3 Classroom Credits, 3 Non-Classroom Credits)
  • Enrollment: 12 Students Total as Externs (6 from Duquesne Law, 6 from Pitt Law)
  • Clinic Hours to Be Completed: 270 Hours (Minimum of 10 Hours per Week)
  • Class Meeting Time:  Friday 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • Class Location:  Room 310, Hanley Hall

Supervising Attorney

Elizabeth DeLosa, Esq.
Managing Attorney

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