Tuesday Talks With Alumni - Virginia Berlando, L'04

  • 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

A Quick Guide to Tidying your Work Space

Virginia Berlando, law class of 2004

Tired of your COVID-19 WFH space? In our third installment of Tuesday Talks with Alumni, decluttering expert Virginia Berlando L'04 will broadly discuss the methods in Marie Kondo's and Scott Sonenshein's "Joy at Work" book. Topics include mindset, reasons for, benefits to, and specific steps for tidying. The process will be applied to physical and non-physical aspects of the workspace. Physical aspects include books, papers, Komono, and sentimental items. Non-physical aspects include digital documents, emails, smartphone apps, tasks, networks, platforms, meetings, and teams.

Virginia is a solo practitioner with a strong background in organizational skills. As a teen, during the summer, she cleaned schools, which were required to pass state inspection. She honed her cleaning and organizational skills at home as well. She has a BSBA degree in management from Robert Morris University and is a proud Duquesne Law Evening Division alumna.

30-minute discussion with Q&A to follow