Alums from Opposite Sides of Court Bond in Service

As hellacious as the COVID-19 pandemic has been to society, we've seen many stories of kindness, courage and community service that make the crisis a little easier to bear. In this spirit and in the traditional spirit of faith and kindness at Duquesne Law, an unlikely bond was fortified.

Paul Isaac L'86 and Mike Laffey L'85 are congenial "adversaries" in their subrogation/lien collections practices. While discussing settling a case last week, Isaac realized Laffey was on the road during the call.
"Where are you headed?" asked Isaac. Laffey explained that he was taking his 40-foot motor home to New Jersey to allow a health care worker infected with Covid-19 reside in the motor home in her driveway, with her family, so that her family would not become infected.

Isaac, was so impressed by his fellow alumnus, he shared the good news with Duquesne University. Laffey didn't want a fuss over it. His wife Leah Laffey, is a graduate from Duquesne's School of Nursing, so he understands the stress in the profession.

"It's no big deal," he says. "I saw a Facebook group called RV's for MD's and just volunteered. They hooked me up with a nurse who had Covid-19 and wanted to shelter away from her family. I drove down last Tuesday set it up, dropped it off and drove back."

The nurse's family, who wished to remain anonymous was beyond grateful. They were at first leery that someone would lend an RV to their loved one to self-quarantine and thought it was a hoax. Their fears were allayed when they met Laffey, saying, "Driving all the way down from Pittsburgh, in the rain, setting up the RV, and then immediately driving back again, for a stranger, is an overwhelming example of brotherly love. You are the epitome of a modern-day Good Samaritan."

Issac is proud of his friend, though they may practice law on opposite sides of the courtroom. "He's a heck of a guy," said Isaac.

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