Community Message from Dean Barton

Dear Duquesne Law Community,

In light of the tragic events yesterday at our nation's Capitol, I write to ask all of us to pause to take note of the
extreme importance of words and our profession's role in ensuring we use those words in a way that promotes and ensures civil and constructive discourse.

Yesterday's event highlighted what we already know: words are indeed powerful and the rule of law requires constant respect and vigilance. We can positively -- or negatively -- impact the lives of others with the words we write and speak.

We must remain committed to promoting respectful disagreement, civil discourse, and informed
deliberation. Lawyers understand the facts, follow the evidence, make arguments, and abide by the rulings of our
judiciary. This is how we ensure the rule of law continues and thrives.

We have much work ahead in rebuilding trust in our democratic institutions and reinforcing political and
governmental norms of respect. You have heard me say before, our profession shapes society, forms governments, and is the bedrock of justice and the rule of law. Now more than ever, understanding your responsibility as lawyers, and as leaders, is critical. We have to lead for the good of others, strive to find the best in each other, and work to unite and inspire. Character, integrity, and honor matter.

You are all my inspiration every single day and we will work with resolve as lawyers, leaders, and citizens. We will not rest until trust and faith in our democracy is restored.

God Bless.


April Mara Barton
Dean and Professor of Law

Duquesne University

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