Faculty grant to focus on equity and opportunity

Marissa MeredithAssistant law professor, Marissa Meredith, was selected to receive an LWI/ALWD/LexisNexis scholarship grant. Meredith was one of three law school professors that was chosen to receive the $5,000.00 grant. The topic of her article, "Reframing Persuasive Pedagogy to Create Social Engineers," derives from her experience in working with law students who in the Duquesne spirit, know equity and opportunity begin at home.

"With the current climate and with so many students coming into law school wanting to make changes in the community, I want to be able to give them the tools to do so. How we can do simple things in year one to plant the seed of advocacy within our students," Meredith said.

Her inspiration came from meeting with students. "We ask why they came to law school and they say that they want to make changes in their communities or families. I want to focus on how to do so in the first year and implement an exercise to get students focused on policy changes. In the first year of law school, you learn to think within a box, with conclusions based on proper application of the law; however, I want students to think about what you do when you want to advocate for someone when the law is against you. With a focus on social injustice, I am looking to give students little tools to hold onto and assist them in growing into social justice advocates," said Meredith.

For the grant, Meredith must write her article on this topic and may present her work at the ALWD conference, the LWI conference, or a regional legal writing conference. She is hoping this work will help shape the next generation of legal advocates.

Meredith said, "Social justice advocacy is in line with Duquesne's mission of serving God by serving others. Who are the others that we are serving? They are our community."

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